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Here are some of the projects I am currently working on. The book jackets seen here are for example only. 
POD 31 Book Cover.jpg
Pod 31

Status: Manuscript Complete/ Word Count: 91,000 Genre: YA Sci-Fi

E.V. didn’t choose to become a member of Pod 31. She didn’t choose to leave her family behind and embark on a mission to colonize a planet free from the Germ that threatens life itself. And she certainly didn’t choose her lame assignment as Head of Supplies doling out deodorant and dental floss all day long. But sometimes fate doesn’t give you a choice. 

Now, nearly a year after the Pod’s launch, and no closer to colonizing, time aboard the Pod may be running out. Selected by their leader, Za, to the Pod’s secret task force, E.V. is forced to keep the terrible secret of the Pod’s rapidly diminishing oxygen levels. While searching for answers to save the Pod, her parents, and all she’s ever known, E.V. unveils a spiral of secrets even scarier than Za’s threats. Now she must choose whether following Za’s orders, or following her own instincts, will bring her closer to fulfilling the Pod’s mission and finding her way back home. 


Passing Ships
DJ Kramer
Passing Ships

Status: Manuscript Complete/ Word Count: 102,000/ Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Woman's Fiction, Romance, LBGTQ

What if having an affair could actually save your marriage? For Mira and Anne, a chance encounter aboard a tropical cruise leads to more than a sexual awakening, it also provides the opportunity to discover what each of their marriages really need to survive. 


Anne Bartlett has everything any woman could want, a handsome doctor for a husband, a new home in the suburbs, and a life open to possibilities. All she needs now is to believe that she deserves it all. If only she could somehow become the confident woman she dreams of being, someone who turns heads when she enters a room, someone like Mira. 


Mira Levesque knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She built her business from the ground up, and now has the Miami lifestyle she always dreamed of. But a sudden unexpected loss brings to light the one thing she wants more than anything and cannot have. Now, none of the things she worked so hard to achieve seem to matter, and she finds herself pulling farther away from the one person she should be opening up to, her husband Stephan. 


After twelve years of marriage Stephan Levesque knows relationships have ups and downs. He has been patient these past months while Mira has grieved. But how long until his patience runs out? Perhaps a week aboard a tropical cruise will provide the opportunity they so desperately need to reconnect, and the chance to achieve the one goal that is just out of reach.


Jack Bartlett has spent his life focused on becoming a surgeon, and he’s nearly achieved his goal. In fact, if he hadn’t met Anne when she stumbled into the hospital one day, the idea of marriage might never have crossed his mind at all. With career success so near, it’s hard to believe he could fail at being a husband. Taking a cruise is a chance for he and Anne to finally relax and be newlyweds, so it has to be a mistake when Anne and Mira miss the ship in Jamaica, doesn’t it? 

The Painted Tree
DJ Kramer
The Painted Tree

Status: In Progress/ Genre: Women's Fiction

A coming-of-age story about a young woman named Sunny whose unconscious desires suddenly become visible in the interwoven imagery of her painted tree. 

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