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About Me

DJ Kramer first began writing and publishing poetry in local newspapers  while in grade school. Growing up in Queens, New York she always had a journal nearby and dabbled in playwriting during a brief stint as an actress, and in songwriting during an even briefer stint as a singer. While earning her B.A. in American Studies at Columbia University she served as the poetry editor for the Columbia Observer. Following graduation she assisted in the writing and editing of several screenplays for a wealthy eccentric with dreams of grandeur. Since then, she has published poetry locally, provided content for websites such as Blunt Moms and Monologue Bank, and won second place in the Eyelands International Flash Fiction Contest. She is currently working on her next novel while living in Sarasota, Florida with her husband, two children, two dogs, one fish, a hamster, and a ball python named Rosie. 

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